Today, you have the incredible opportunity to visit Comuna 9 in Medellín, which is one of the success stories in social innovation in Colombia´s second city and where there is a community social transformation project in which you can participate for a day. Here, to the East of Medellín’s center, the project is aimed at training individuals from humble backgrounds in the skills of cooking and entrepreneurship with healthy foods offered at affordable prices and applying techniques and recipes from all over the world. Your visit will start with an introduction and explanation of the social transformation which has taken place in Comuna 9 and you will see the headquarters of this project before being walked through public renovation projects such as murals, educational and recreational spaces and other elements which have been included which have significantly improved the lives of those resident here. In addition to the aforementioned activities, you will be able to interact with the community, visit the local business of a project participant to see the positive impact it has had on his life and his family. Afterwards, you will have a cooking class on an outdoor patio where you can prepare and enjoy a Colombian dish or a gourmet dish designed by students of the social project. Finally, enjoy a ride on the tram and on the new cable car. One cannot over emphasize the positive change to have taken place here with the addition of this transport infrastructure for the local population as it has improved their quality of life and their accessibility to the rest of the city. All funds generated on this tour are reinvested in the community project and go towards the subsidizing of training, the purchase of materials and equipment for low-income participants and maintenance of the training center.

DURATION: Approximately six hours.