About Us


To travel is to discover, and at Colombian Journeys, we are passionate about sharing with the world Colombia’s contagious joy and ability to forge new beginnings. Our team’s expertise lies in designing unique experiences that connect travelers to a Colombia which never fails to surprise. We are committed to tourism and we make the dreams of thousands of travelers, allies and communities come true every day, through our work.


Just as Colombia has learned from her difficult past and reinvented herself, we have also learned to turn the challenges we face into opportunities. Since 2006, our dream of sharing Colombia’s natural and cultural riches with those outside her borders has driven us forward, leading us to cultivate lasting relationships with our partners and local communities. This network provides the fertile soil into which we sow the opportunities to nurture each traveler’s transformative experience. 


We leverage the talents of our sustainable, authentically transparent tourism network to aid us in supporting each and every traveler as we adapt to their specific needs. Our perpetual support for our travelers is as unwavering as our commitment to generate a positive impact for Colombia as well as for her visitors. 




We  are  driven  by  our  sense  of  responsibility  and  commitment  to  our  clients,  allies  and  travelers,  for  whom we will always go “the extra mile.” Our desire is to  continuously  support  the  communities  receiving  our  travelers.  We  believe  in  conscious,  sustainable  tourism for all players in the industry.


We are nothing without the relationships we have constructed  and  the  new  connections  we  form  through   every   experience   we   design   for   our   travelers.     Throughout     the     history     of     our     organization, we have woven deep ties of affection with  our  clients,  providers  and  collaborators  to  create a strong network.


Our communication is always direct and our offering is  always  honest.  We  are  committed  to  speaking  truthfully, and our promise is to introduce travelers to the real, beautiful and diverse Colombia, in all of her complexity,   in   order   to   facilitate   transformative   experiences.


Serving others with excellence is our vocation. This is why we offer high-quality, flexible service with uninterrupted support. Our expertise on  Colombia and Colombian tourism is what qualifies us to offer a unique experience to each and every visitor.



 We improve Colombia’s image abroad  

 We contribute to community reconstruction through conscious and sustainable tourism.

We enable travelers take their dream vacations here.

We have the freedom to be who we are, speak sincerely, and work together in a positive environment where we overcome challenges together.



These qualities summarize our essence and describe how we interact with our clients, allies and travelers:

Happiness: Something no challenge can take from us.

Passion: We strive to ensure that each traveler leaves happier because of her time in Colombia.

Empathy: Our real superpower is the quality of the relationships we have built.

Commitment: Our passion for serving and sharing the best of Colombia inspires us to take on every project and task with the utmost care and dedication


Contact us at marketing@colombianjourneys.net