This is your opportunity to delve into and spend a full day exploring Colombia’s vibrant coffee culture. The day will begin with an interactive tour at a traditional coffee farm and learn about how small families are incorporating sustainable practices in coffee production before sampling some of the excellent coffee available. Once you have finished this first experience, you will continue to another coffee farm where you will meet the farmer and learn about his day to day life, see how the seeds are germinated and harvesting process.

The main harvest period last for a full year in Colombia, but the main season for this occurs between October and May-June. As most coffee plantations in Colombia produce the coveted Arabica bean you will have the opportunity to enjoy this light tasting coffee which is highly sought after. The whole process from planting to germination takes roughly 75 days and then the seedling is transferred to a nursery in a plastic bag and placed in partial sunlight. Here the base dries and the seedling is planted in the ground. The coffee bean harvest will take place two years later. Workers pick the coffee beans, strip away the pulp (the large producers now have machines for this process), clean the beans and then leave them to sun dry. The coffee beans are then prepared for exportation and sale and toasted and then ground up and made ready for consumption.

After this full explanation and the tour, you will enjoy a traditional lunch prepared on the farm and during which you will be able to converse with and enjoy hearing about the lives of the farmer and his wife. After lunch, you will finish this excursion receiving an explanation of the toasting, threshing and bean selection process.    

Return to Medellín. 

DURATION: Approximately fourteen hours.