Depart in the morning from Leticia for a trip along the Amazon River. Start your tour by visiting the Victoria Regia. Later visit Isla de los Micos Natural Reserve and observe the giant lotus plants, the local fauna and the Frailey Monkeys in their natural habitat. The tour continues with a visit to the Tikuna indigenous community village of Macedonia, a small town known for its handmade and intricately designed handicrafts such as the carpets and dolls made from yanchama (tree bark) as well as beautiful fashion accessories made from seeds and feathers, brightly coloured bags woven from chambira and various carved items such as walking sticks, necklaces all made from the fine and greatly valued wood of the palosangre (brosimum rubescens taub). After lunch continue on to Puerto Nariño, the second largest town in the department of Amazonas after Leticia. The town is a curious mix of colonists and native people. It is considered as the cradle of the Amazon given its unequalled natural, cultural and harmonious setting. Later, travel on up the river to Tarapoto Lake where, it might be possible to see a great deal of interesting species such as the grey and pink river dolphins. Return to hotel. 

DURATION: Approximately eight hours.