Leaving by car from Cañaveral in Tayrona National Park to Gayrana Bay. After 40 minutes’ drive, get to the first entry point of the Tayrona National Park called Palangana. Continue along an unpaved road through the scenic tropical forest before opening out onto what is known as the Sea of the Seven Waves, a natural viewpoint from which one can enjoy the beautiful scenery. Descend to Neguanje Beach into the Bay of Gairaca and hop onto a local boat where the fishermen will sail around the cove to Playa Cristal. This beach stands out for its extraordinary beauty and is the ideal place to enjoy the water, the sun and the opportunity to paddle between the coral reefs here. Return by boat to Gayraca Bay and back to Cañaveral inside the Tayrona National Park.

DURATION: Approximately six to seven hours.