Leaving Medellín to the west and passing the Parque de los Tamarindos before arriving at the Occidente Bridge, a true work of masterful engineering which has permitted the city’s expansion and facilitated its communication with other areas. The story behind this construction is that the engineer José Maria Villa sketched an idea for the project into the sand along the banks of the River Cauca. It was one of the first suspension bridges in South America and travelling along it you can admire the intricate work achieved here with the two towers lashed together with cables holding the whole construction together.

After a journey of 1 hour and 15 minutes (70km) arrive in Santa Fe de Antioquia where it feels as if time has stood still since the colonial era. Founded in 1541 by Jorge Robledo this was the capital of Antioquia until 1826 when the government was moved to Medellín.

The narrow streets that run alongside the whitewashed buildings are still here for all to see. It is worth visiting the Santa Barbara church, the Museum of Liturgical Art, the Cathedral and the Juan del Corral Museum.

After lunch, return to Medellín with a break on the way to visit the small and wonderfully preserved town of San Jerónimo, with its beautiful church and fine examples of architecture from both the Colonial and Republican eras. On the journey back, we will pass vendors selling exotic fruits such as pineapples, oranges, tamarinds and mangos. Return to Medellín in the evening.

DURATION: Approximately eight hours.