Founded on July 29, 1525 by the Spanish Conquistador Rodrigo de Bastidas, Santa Marta was the first city in Colombia and therefore it is the oldest in South America. It was the port of entry for those looking to conquer the New World. Its privileged location was chosen for its security and for its beauty, between the Caribbean Sea and the lush Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, where the twin peaks of the highest coastal mountains in the world, Simón Bolívar and the Cristóbal Colón, at 5770m above sea level tower over proceedings. There is a vast array of flora and fauna as well as the proximity to the Tayrona National Park, all which make this not only culturally rich but a supremely attractive and desirable place to visit.  

The Tayrona indigenous people strongly resisted the conquistadores but by the end of the VXII Century most of their treasures had been moved to Spanish chests.  

Santa Marta boasts a great wealth of history as is here that the first President of Gran Colombia and hero of the independence movement Simón Bolívar passed away on the 17th of December 1830. It happened in a hacienda that still exists called the Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino. Nowadays, this hacienda acts as a museum exhibiting the history of the great Liberator and is surrounded by beautiful and lush gardens with monuments and many trees. 

Approximately fifteen minutes northeast from Santa Marta, a zigzag route brings you to a characteristic fishing village of Taganga. Nestled deep in a bay and surrounded by green mountainous vegetation, the landscape here is one of contrasting colours, the blues of the sea washing onto the beach, making this a magical and unforgettable destination. Observe the traditional fishing practices of the locals, view their canoes and see that all knowledge here has been passed down from generation to generation. This is a particularly good location for water-sports such as snorkelling and diving and is the departure point for boat trips to Playa Blanca, so named for the colour of the sand here.

It is easy to reach different beaches of Tayrona National Park as well as the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, from Santa Marta or Taganga, by travelling just 45 minutes.