Take part in an innovative molecular coffee tasting, guided by a professional barista and coffee ambassador of the “Hacienda San Alberto” coffee farm, which produces one of the most internationally awarded Colombian coffees. The activity begins with a brief introduction on the history of coffee, the regions, the main varieties and some characteristics of the product. The objective of the tasting is to leave behind the traditional ritual of professional tastings and learn to appreciate coffee with the senses of smell and taste in another way. During this tasting, you can compare the aromas and flavors in a cup of 3 different varieties of coffee, then you will experience these flavors tasting the ‘crystals’ (coffee jelly) that highlight the acidity of the coffee. At the end, the barista will throw a few drops of coffee on a solution that turns them into pearls, thus highlighting citrus flavors and toasty notes.

DURATION: Approximately 2 hours.