Depart from BOGOTÁ and head north passing the towns of Tocancipá and Gachancipá, travel for approximately 1.30 hours until reaching the legendary Guatavita Lake. The lake is located within the forest reserve of the Cacique Guatavita and Cuchilla de Peñas Blancas. In this magical and mystical place, formerly inhabited by the ancient Muisca people, it is possible to observe a great variety of flora and fauna endemic to the high-altitude Andean woodlands. See hummingbirds, hawks and blackbirds flitting between the trees. There is also a great variety of interesting trees with exotic names such as the Mano de Oso, the Uvos de Monte and the Té de BOGOTÁ. 

The legend of El Dorado emerged from Muisca traditions. When the Muisca elected a new cacique or chief he would be accompanied to the lake and bathed first in honey and then in gold dust before being launched out into the lake on a raft with offerings of gold and precious stones which would later be thrown into the depths of the water. This ceremony and act of transformation created the legend known as El Dorado. 

Visit the town of Guatavita and the lake of Tominé, striking with its white painted houses, beautiful square and tranquillity. Sunday is market day and so there is much more activity in town. 

DURATION: Approximately five hours. 

NOTE: Guatavita Lake is closed on Mondays except when Monday is a public holiday, in that case it is closed on Tuesday.