One of the most organized and representative indigenous groups in southern Colombia is the Guambiana culture found in the department of Cauca. A visit to the highland town of Silvia is to see the beating heart of Guambiana culture and here you will receive a tour given by a member of the Guambiano Cabildo (Indigenous state official) and a traditional doctor. Here you will learn about the Guambiana social structure, modes of production and traditional medicine. 

Before meeting the indigenous doctor and undergoing a traditional “cleansing ceremony” and an overview of sacred plants and their healing powers, you will be received with music played by a Chirimia (traditional indigenous music involving flutes and drums) and get to taste some changuar (indigenous liquor). Finally, your visit will end with a trip to the Casa Payan where you will learn about the cosmology of the Guambiana culture.  

DURATION: Five hours.