Depart early in the morning (approx.5am) and travel for about 1.5 hours towards the Rio Blanco Natural Reserve in the department of Caldas. The reserve´s primary purposes are to supply water to the city of Manizales, for research and for natural preservation. Recently, within its management plans, ecotourism and recreation were introduced as it is an ideal place to enjoy bird watching and appreciate other species of flora and fauna.

So far, 362 of endemic species of birds have been identified here including the Chestnut Wood Quail (Odontophorus hyperythrus), the Black-thighed Puffleg (Eriocnemis derbyi), the Bearded Helmetcrest (Oxypogon guerinii), Brown-banded Antpitta (Gral-laria milleri), the Hooded Antpitta ((Grallaricula cucullata), the Rufous-breasted Flycatcher (Leptopogon rufipectus), the Golden-fronted Whitestart (Myioborus ornatus) and the Scrub Tanager (Tangara vitriolina), along with other migrating species that are seen specially in August and October. The tour is guided by an expert of the area who knows the best spots for bird watching. 

DURATION: Approximately 6 hours from Manizales, 7 hours from Pereira and 8 hours from Armenia.