All day visit to Purace National Park located 45 Km away from POPAYÁN. It is an impressive natural reserve spanning 83,000 hectares including the Serrania de los Coconucos and its volcanoes. The highest peaks are Pan de Azúcar (5,000m), Coconuco (4,600m), Puracé (4,580m), and four others with elevations from 4,400 to 4,500 masl. The Sotará volcano (4,400m) is to the south of the mountain chain. Adding to this beautiful scenery there are waterfalls, lagoons and caves. Take a break in Pilimbala to enjoy the hot springs by the foothills of the Nevado del Purace which is surrounded by lush fascinating landscapes. Visit to the park to see the flora, fauna and numerous cascades. In the evening, return to Popayán.

DURATION: Approximately eight hours.