Departure approximately at 6:30 a.m. in a 4×4 to Guachaca village, where an uncovered road begins until you reach a Wiwa Indigenous Community called Gotsezhy. This tour lasts approximately 1 hour.

Arrival at Gotsezhy Town at approximately 7:30 am to start a small ecological walk (1 km) through the town where there is a large number of Wiwa Indigenous people living together in community; you will pass through the community school and observe a large number of dwellings (Indigenous Bohíos). There they will be able to interact with members of the Wiwa community and see other important sites in Gotsezhy Village. 

At the end of the ecological walk you will arrive at the Wiwa Gotsezhy Refuge, a small indigenous community made up of several families, that will make you feel at home, they are all very kind and helpful, and will show you how they live with nature for many years. 

At approximately 8:00 am you will have breakfast, based on indigenous cuisine and prepared by the community women. Afterwards, visit some ancestral and cultural places accompanied by the MAMO, spiritual leader, and an indigenous guide, who will give you spiritual talks and show you an exhibition of typical Wiwa handicrafts.

After having lunch at noon, you can rest in hammocks and then take a walk-through paths full of vegetation and finish with a refreshing swim in the Matuna ancestral waterfall. Return to Gotsezhy, additional time with the Indians and walk back to take the 4×4 vehicle that will take you back to Tayrona.

DURATION: Approximately 9-10 hours.

NOTE:  Includes breakfast and lunch. Itinerary may vary according weather conditions.