Capurganá is a small town of Chocó, on the northwestern coast of the Gulf of Urabá, very near to Panama. This northwestern region of Colombia was inhabited by the Cuna indigenous tribe, for whom it was the “land of pepper” or Capurganá in their language. The Cuna populated this land until the early 20th century when they were displaced by settlers from black-mulatto race coming from the city of Cartagena. 

Nowadays this town is known for its beautiful and calm beaches, surrounded by trees of one of the densest jungles in the world. Inside Capurganá, there are no vehicles because it has no access by land due to the density of the Darien Gap in which a highway hasn’t been constructed. For this reason the community has implemented a transport with horses and a cart to move along the place, making it very friendly with the environment. People who want to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Capurganá necessarily have to arrive by boat or plane.

As Capurganá is a coastal town in the tropics, its average temperature all the year is 29ªC, nevertheless it is a very humid zone because of its proximity to the rainforest.