With an art expert (Raquel Gil, Eladio Gil’s daughter / Rosana Lombana, art specialist and daughter of the artist Lombana who made the Pegasus and Miguel Cervantes statues in Cartagena, among others), we will visit the modern Museum of Arts of Cartagena, as well as different art galleries, where you will have the possibility to acquire artwork. Moreover, we can visit a private museum house in Manga (about 15 minutes from the centre). The high society family of famous sculptor Eladio Gil Zambrano is looking forward to showing you their house full of paintings and sculptures. Eladio Gil Zambrano was the sculptor of the famous statue India de Catalina. He also designed the front decoration of the national sailboat Gloria of the Colombian navy. His daughter Raquel and his wife Fini are glad to show you their extraordinary house and tell you about their lives. Optionally, you can make your own piece of art together with the family in a workshop.

DURATION: Approximately 5 hours.