The paleontological museum in Villa de Leyva was founded on the 12th of June 1972 by the Faculty of Science of the Colombian National University with the purpose of creating a centre of investigation for paleontological sciences. It is located 10 minutes away north of Villa de Leyva. 

The area of Villa de Leyva was chosen since it has a rich historical, cultural, geological and paleontological background which can be supported by findings of marine rocks from the cretaceous period with a high content of fossils.  Within the collections you will find examples of ammonite fossils, marine reptiles, fish and plants and these contribute to the reconstruction of Colombia´s natural and environmental history. 

The museum has several exhibitions displaying collections of the different fossils found in the area, rocks and geological eras, together with exhibitions on the different dinosaur fossils found in the area and the process of fossilization. 

DURATION: Approximately 1 hour. 

NOTE: The Museum is closed on Mondays (unless it is a public holiday) and opens from Tuesday to Saturday 9-12midday and 2-5pm. Sundays and Public Holidays open from 9-3pm