This journey is conducted at night-time out into the inky black waters that are surrounded by a great variety of flora and fauna. From the boat you will be able to identify the bright eyes of the fierce Black Caiman. The Black Caiman is very similar to the crocodile and can grow to up to 6.5m in length.

Caimans eat fish, tapir and other mammals found in this region. The Black Caiman is an endangered species since it was hunted savagely in the past (for its meat and skin). The Saraiva Lakes created by the Amazon are unique ecosystems and home to a large array of forest life. As you travel from lake to lake you will be able to appreciate the many differences in size and types of surrounding forest life.

DURATION: approximately three hours.

SCHEDULE: To be arranged, around 6.30pm

RECOMMENDATIONS: This tour is recommended from August to November.