Chapinero appropriated his name when Don Antón Hero’s chapines became a must for fashionistas of the 19th Century, since then the neighborhood began a love story with creativity that remains in force between the streets 54 and 58 where imaginative chefs reinvent the recipes famous in each different area of Colombia. Rediscover Chapinero Alto by enjoying a visit to three different places for drinking and eating in the area. The route includes a walking tour with stops in three beautiful neighborhood houses that offer some real gastronomic magic. Between the tastings, guests will be able to enjoy the beautiful settings and architecture of the city, and will be able to interact with its inhabitants, many of them artists, young executives and starlets in search of the Colombian dream.

DURATION:  3 – 4 hours.

SCHEDULE: Monday to Saturday at 12: 00 p.m (lunch) or 06:00 p.m. (dinner).