Leave Cartagena and travel for approximately 20 minutes to the small fishing village on the outskirts of Cartagena known as “La Boquilla”. Here you will be introduced to the authentic local culture and will have the opportunity to enjoy a canoe trip out through the mangroves and marvel at this incredible and varied ecosystem with its rich flora and fauna. The canoe trip takes toughly 45 minutes and upon return to La Boquilla you will have time to visit the village on foot. 

DURATION: Approximately four hours (six hours with Playa de Oro and lunch option).

OPTIONAL: Tour to Playa de Oro and lunch. For passengers that wish to take this option, following the excursion to the mangroves the passengers will continue on canoe to Playa de Oro where passengers will stay for approximately 1 hour, have the opportunity to swim and then return to La Boquilla for lunch.