In the morning depart from BOGOTÁ to the north, towards Zipaquirá. After a journey of roughly 1.15 hours reach the impressive Salt Cathedral, a true achievement of engineering. The name Zipaquirá refers to Zipa, the leader of the Muisca tribe and the chief of these rich salt mines. The excursion will begin by visiting the cathedral in a series of tunnels that pass by the fourteen Stations of the Cross and continues on to the dome. The dome is lit in such a way that let one to contemplate the universe and the relationship between man and nature. Later, visitors reach the enormous cross carved into the saline rock and finally the three naves of the Cathedral that represent the birth, life and death of Christ. In the central nave is where the main altar is located, above which lays the cross that heights 16m and has a width of 10 m, made by the Colombian artist Carlos Enrique Rodriguez. This is the largest cross made from salt in the world. Next, we visit the mine where there is an excellent auditorium that can seat up to two hundred people, host film screenings and events such as fashion shows. The trip ends at a mirror of water where it is possible to experience the amazing visual effects of water on carved saline rock. 

DURATION: Approximately five hours.