Transfer from the Neiva airport to the desert (30min). Have a 2 hour walk in Tatacoa Desert through the Laberintos de Cuzco and Las Ventanas. Walk in the part of “Cuzco” (orange color) and the “Ventanas” where the earth is gray. The landscape is dotted with columns and culverts, where large cacti grow. The result is the orange color of the earth that has changed due to strong wind for centuries and makes the desert a unique place of interaction and movement.

Visit to Los Hoyos, a natural pool in the desert, where you can cool off the heat and relax for a while. 

At dusk, visit the Astronomical Observatory, where an observation session is offered to all its visitors. Transfer back to Neiva. 

DURATION: 5 hours.

INCLUDES:  Astronomical Observatory entrance fee.

NOTE: The visit to the Astronomical Observatory can only be done after sunset. Therefore, it is cannot be confirmed for tours that begin in morning hours.