Half day visiting the coffee plantations along the steep rolling hills so typical of this area. On a secondary pathway view the green carpet of coffee plants that spreads out as far as the horizon interrupted only by fincas and heliconia flowers. 

The visit continues on to one of the coffee haciendas to see the plantations and the production system in minute detail, including the harvest, the drying to the sun and treatment in this land of volcanic terrain along the Central Andes Mountain range which is perfect for this crop. The visit to the property begins in the house with an introductory chat about coffee, its preparation, toasting, the characteristics of quality and the properties that allows for such a variety of coffees in the world. The route continues through the grounds, appreciating its coffee plantations and the work of the coffee pickers as well as to understand the famous humid coffee that is characteristic of Colombian coffee. Visit the main house on the property to enjoy the local typical architecture and history. Taste different coffee brews and return to the hotel.

DURATION: Approximately five hours from Manizales, six hours from Armenia and five hours from Pereira.