Depart in the morning and head to San Basilio de Palenque, a town located 60km away from Cartagena and at approximately one hour’s drive along the Vía de la Cordialidad on the way to Barranquilla. Recognized by the UNESCO as Cultural and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, the town’s name comes from the Palenques, communities of fugitive and escaped slaves from the colonial period of the XVII century. This community has survived intact in San Basilio with their practices, customs and traditions. The inhabitants have retained heavy African influences in their daily routines, as for example their palenquera tongue which blends elements of Spanish with Bantu dialects from Africa. Upon arrival in Palenque there will be a tour of the town square, where you will meet a local guide who will take you to visit a typical house and taste an authentic Colombian coffee served in traditional utensils by the ancestors, called “Totumas”. Followed by this, the guide will narrate in first place the process of liberation from bondage and second how the town has preserved their customs to this day.

Then walk around the town to see representative sites such as La Casa de la Cultura and Plaza Benkos Bioho, which takes its name from the Founder of San Basilio de Palenque also known as Domingo Biohó, a leader who led a rebellion of slaves in Colombia during the seventeenth century. Continue with a visit to the main church and to the statue of Antonio Cervantes Reyes “Kid Pambele” who was twice boxing world champion. 

Then visit the charismatic community leader, farmer, singer and composer Rafael Cassiani, considered the most important musician of San Basilio de Palenque. Cassiani has a great musical knowledge, he plays several musical instruments and he is an innate musician, everything he knows and plays, he has learned empirically, without going to college. Finally, learn about the ingredients and how to prepare the typical regional sweets by the hand of one of the best women cooks of the community who will be wearing their traditional Palenquero costumes.

DURATION: Approximately six hours.

NOTE: It can be included Folklore samples in the experience with an additional cost. These are: Braided weaving, mats weaving, corn pigeons, techniques for the manufacture of the drum, folkloric sample and tambora class.