Within the walls of Cartagena, discover centuries of history, culture and flavours stirred by the fusion of Spanish, African slaves and migrants from the 19th century. Traditional food inspired one of the most important writers in Colombia and literature Nobel winner prize, Gabriel García Márquez mostly known for his book One Hundred Years of Solitude.

During this 3-4 hours walking tour visit 13 favourite places beloved to Colombia’s most famous writer. In 9 different stops, taste traditional Caribbean food referenced in the literary works by “Gabo”. Listen to the stories of the people who knew him and his work, while you taste a variety of traditional dishes. End your culinary adventure in the 17th century building that was the setting for the story of impossible love of Mary Servant of All Angels and Father Cayetano Delaura. 

DURATION: 3 -4 hours.

SCHEDULE: To be confirmed in the afternoon. 

DISTANCE: 1Km with 9 stops. 

RECOMMENDATIONS: Take a light lunch.