Craft your own souvenir and support a good purpose. Coconuts are not only used for drinks but also to create accessories or decoration. The project DAMARTES (Damas y Madres del Arte – ‘Women and Mothers of Art’) began with the name Madres – Cabeza de Familia y sus Cocos (‘Mothers – head of the family and their coconuts’) and is an association composed of seven women. In 2008, they took part in a craft class sponsored by the foundation ProBoquilla. Nowadays, they produce jewelry, containers, vases, belts and accessories and are the first women of La Boquilla that purchase their own income. Producing an object out of a coconut, requires above all enthusiasm and patience.

The life of the DAMARTES is very impressive. All of them are mothers and most of them already grandmothers with interesting life stories that they like to share with you. The association is a working group of great women that can craft amazing things out of simple objects.

Head to La Boquilla, where the ladies will invite you to the Coconut Workshop. Every participant can make his own souvenir out of coconut. It is possible to craft bracelets, keychains, earrings or necklaces. The workshop will take place in a nice rustic restaurant right on the beach of La Boquilla.

DURATION: Approximately 4 hours.