Half day visit to historic Popayan founded in 1537, the tour begins on Caldas Park. Around the Park you will be able to see the main religious and governmental buildings, as well as the city’s original buildings such as the Clock Tower, considered one of the symbols of the city, built between 1673 and 1682 and set in 1737. Continue towards the Humilladero Bridge, built in 1873 to facilitate access from the city center to El Callejón (currently the suburb known as Bolívar) up a steep hill, particularly for those pilgrims making the journey on their knees. Visit outside La Hermita Church, Guillermo Valencia Theater and the Santo Domingo Church, a baroque style church designed by the Spanish architect Antonio García and commissioned by the Arboleda family. Enter to the Catedral Basilica Church, the San Francisco Church, considered the most beautiful baroque church in town and the Panteón de los Próceres or Parthenon of the Leaders of the Independence. Visit the Religious Art Museum, which houses an interesting collection of religious art, and the Casa Museo Mosquera, the Settecento style house that belonged to General Tomás Cipriano de Mosquera. Take a look from the bottom of the Morro del Tulcán, where an equestrian statue is found in homage to the conqueror Sebastián de Belalcázar, founder of the city. If desired, the ascent to the hill can be performed.

DURATION: Approximately 2.5 – 3 hours.


• Religious Art Museum is closed on Sundays, Casa Mosquera House and Panteón de los Próceres is closed on weekends and holidays, and Guillermo Leon Valencia Museum is closed on Mondays.

• The opening and closing of museums may change without prior notice. Caldas University manages the museums and when the university has an event or is on holidays (July-August and December-January) does not open the museums.

• Guillermo Leon Valencia Museum and House opens on holidays. When it is a holiday Monday, the next day (Tuesday) the museum is closed.