Ride with an experienced guide and learn about Villa de Leyva’s history and culture and have an amazing adventure into the natural landscapes of the region. Starting from Villa de Leyva and riding through the desert, you will head to Santa Sofia’s paved road. After a little warm up ride, detour on El Carcamo to climb up 5km on a dirt road that will take you to the Hidden Valley, a green paradise in the middle of the desert. 

Once there, some single trails will take you to the river where you can cool off and rest for a while. Visit a colonial-era mill and enjoy the view while eating a delicious “cuajada con melao”, a traditional dessert from the Andean region.

Enjoy the downhill road back to Villa de Leyva and stop in some of the museums and main attractions on the way as Pozos Azules and El Fósil Museum or the Muisca Observatory and the Terracota House.

The terrain is accessible for the average mountain bike rider with a good fitness level, this tour is a mix of dirt roads and asphalt. Be prepared for 5km of uphill road.

DURATION: Three to five hours. 25.5 km of route

NOTES: Includes bike rental, water and snack. The entrance fees are not included