Leaving Pasto along the road that leads to the department of Putumayo, is located “Laguna de la Cocha” or Lake Guamuez, a place full of charm, magic, energy and natural beauty, located 40 minutes from Pasto. La Cocha, which in the Quechua language translates Lake, is the second most important water expanse in the country, after the Laguna de Tota in Boyacá, and has an ecosystem where the lowest moors in the world are found, which are only at heights higher than 3.000 m.a.s.l.

Arrival to the path of El Puerto, characterized by its picturesque bridges and houses built in wood and flowers hanging from the balconies. Visit to a typical Nariñense peasant house which is attended by its owners, who will show you the water births, their organic crops, their home garden, the guinea pig farms and will invite you a typical drink accompanied by the gastronomy of the region. Peasant families have left behind the indiscriminate forest felling and are now protecting the environment and nature, by turning their properties in a natural reserve.

Afterwards you will head to Isla Larga where you will find floating trout hatcheries, feed the animals and enjoy lunch. Take a boat around the Laguna de la Cocha and visit the Sanctuary of Flora and Fauna on the island of La Corota, the smallest natural reserve in the system of National Parks, which is home to an invaluable amount of animal species and vegetables. Finish the day with a visit to an artisanal factory of wild mulberry wine (tasting glass included).

DURATION: 8 hours


NOTES: Includes lunch and snack.